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Trustworthy IT Solutions

 Vittechnology Investments is a consulting company and is responsible for information security and analyzing the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of information.

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Cybersecurity is the most talked-about boardroom topic in any industry. So many transactions occur online, which can put sensitive customer information at risk. Malware is also a substantial threat, bombarding your corporate inboxes and your website’s comment threads. We will protect your system by defining access privileges, control structures and resources. 

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What if you have a small but dedicated IT department? It’s likely your staff is quite busy running daily operations and isn’t necessarily available at all times to manage help desk operations as well. You can delegate all of your help desk tasks to Venture Investments, freeing up much-needed time and resources for your existing IT department.

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New equipment and sweeping software upgrades are intense, time-consuming, and challenging for most small IT departments to complete on a deadline. Comprehensive equipment and software upgrades can absorb all of your IT team’s time and force them to shift priorities. Further, when you attempt a large scale equipment refresh – say, an entire department or business unit – We are available to assist your needs! We can implement security improvements by assessing current situations and evaluating trends to anticipate requirements.

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Just like equipment changes and software updates, office relocations are significant undertakings. An outside organization can successfully transition your business equipment between locations in a shorter period of time. Be sure to choose Venture Investment that will assist you with your move, reconnect, and test all your equipment to get your team back up and running in their new location quickly and efficiently.

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No one likes to think about compliance, but it’s nonetheless important. Externally, you want your business to abide by product licenses and prevent licensing violations and fines. Internally, you want to have a protocol to protect employee computers and networks from threats. Compliance is too important to trust to anyone but an expert. We can recognize problems by defining abnormalities and determine violations and inefficiencies by conducting periodic audits.

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Network planning, from server design to maintenance, requires detail-oriented focus and collaboration from a dedicated, professional team. You do not want to hand over your network to IT professionals who don’t have experience planning and managing a network. The negative results could permanently impact your business. As importantly, Venture Investment can help you to identify gaps in your infrastructure that you may not have even known about.

Computer Software Guidance



Can you stay objective when you’re picking out the right tech products from the right vendors? Most Managers CIOs, and CTOs have some kind of bias toward particular systems. This built-in preference doesn’t allow them to be open to new cutting-edge products. Venture Investment specializes in tech that can provide objective advice about specific products and vendors. Why not employ someone to help you manage the minutia of all your contracts, including software updates, warranties, and other contractual requirements?

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